DSM.0110 Ver. 1.0  October 3, 2022

Occasionally a vehicle must be temporarily removed from service to perform repairs.

Follow the following steps to ensure safe storage and guard against inadvertent vehicle operation:

1. Tow or push vehicle to a safe, well-ventilated parking area away from potential sources of ignition.

2. Secure parking brake per OEM instructions.

3. Place wheel chocks in front of and behind vehicle tires.

Wheel chock placement

4. CLOSE 1/4-turn manual shutoff valve on fuel management module (FMM).

1/4-turn manual shutoff valve in CLOSED position

5. CLOSE all cylinder valves.

CLOSE knobs on manual cylinder valves when vehicle is not in service; ProCab® BTC system shown

CLOSE manual knobs (a) on systems equipped with electric solenoid cylinder valves

Left: electric solenoid cylinder valve types; Right: roof mount system valve placement (partial)

6. Depressurize fuel system.

7. Install LOCK OUT/TAG OUT (LOTO) device(s)* and/or card(s) on fuel system and or vehicle to warn against vehicle operation until repair is complete.**

 *If equipped: a battery shutoff is one example of a LOTO device.

**Follow approved fleet procedure.

Contact Hexagon® Agility® for further assistance.

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